Alicia Philley.jpg

The world is color

movement and vibration. 

I paint to capture a moment, a hue, a feeling--process and dissect it on canvas and wood--then release it back to the universe. 

I believe that color is pure energy. It has the power to affect our mood, transform our experiences and guide us through the huge and minuscule experiences of life. 

We choose our paths. But then circumstances and molecular upheavals subvert us. We make plans, straight and linear, but wind and time blows and circulates, shifting these streets into meandering trails and streams. 

Flowing outside of our control.

More beautiful and malleable than the architecture we imagined.

My paintings are the merging of visual poetry and process. I start with a flower, a building, sunlight on water, my daughter’s laughter; I open myself to the beauty and color of it all. I build panels and canvas to encompass the shape of the emotion, choose colors that evoke the memory of a memory, then harness tape to constrain the outpouring.

I call my work confined abstract expressionist. It is pure emotion that is filled with tension in the hard lines yet suffused with life in its flowing beauty. Join me on this journey, this path thatwe can’t predict. What will you feel and see as you walk next to me?

I can tell you my story, but you must also find your own.