Color is

pure energy.

It has the power to affect our mood, transform our experiences and emotionally connect us.

My acrylic paintings are a mix of abstract expressionism and op-art; a merging of intuitive poetry and rigorous process. I’ve developed a style of masking-taped lines that swerve and layer over and under each other. They play tricks on the eye, silly little games really. I hope that people look at them and then want to keep looking, maybe without even understanding why.

Every few years my work shifts, which makes sense because life seems to do that, too! Right now, I am looking to nature for inspiration. My most recent series are based off the colors, light and feel of local creeks in the early spring and summer. The movement of the water and the changing hues of plant life through the seasons provide endless content. I’ve also rediscovered wood as an amazing surface to work on, and I am using the naturally occurring grain as a map of sorts for my lines to follow.

The beauty of abstraction is that I can make these incredibly personal paintings, yet the viewer doesn’t have to know me to find an entry. The colors, movement and energy the painting emits can activate a new experience for each person.