Alicia Philley.jpg

Color and Light

I am a painter and sculptor. My process of creating lines on a canvas with tape and paint are my wordless language. I use the movement and hue of these lines to convey the emotional content of my days with family and my experiences growing up in Texas, working in New York and now living Austin. I love abstraction because it gives viewers the freedom to bring their own lives and interpretations to my work.

In my sculptures, I have lifted my lines off the wall and embedded them in resin rectangles. The molds I use to create the resin shapes are actually copies of rough-hewn boards. One side of the sculpture carries the ghost of the wood texture, while the other shines smooth, like glass. The undulating lines of color within them mimics the sway of trees and surrounding nature. In my ongoing public art project, I will be planting my sculptures in parks, fields, pathways, front yards, any green spaces where abstraction might jolt people out of their everyday lives and see the world a little bit differently.